Episode #312 – All For Nothing?

The Vancouver Canucks salvage their season opening road trip while the Toronto Maple Leafs can’t seem to do anything right!

It’s our Halloween spook-tacular episode as Ryan, Geeta and Arash put on their doppelganger costumes to discuss the rough weekend the Maple Leafs had. Geeta’s “Are You Reddy For It?” focuses on the slump in Toronto and what to do with the team going forward.

Closer to home the Canucks had two big wins in Chicago and Seattle, pulling the plug on their home opener party. The gang discusses the bad karma season facing the Chicago Blackhawks and answer some great listener questions!

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On this week’s segment:
Geeta rattles Arash in quite possibly the funniest moment of 5 Minutes For Paying ever as Arash ponders sneaking alcohol into a sporting event.

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