Episode #313 – Power, Corruption & Lies

Kyle Beach comes forward as the ‘John Doe’ in the Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault lawsuit and nobody is taking accountability.

Ryan and Geeta get together this week to discuss an eventful week for the Blackhawks and the National Hockey League who continuously do the wrong thing. From penalties, fines and suspensions, to comments made in the media, Kyle Beach deserves much more.

Closer to home, they discuss the Canucks’ unremarkable home stand. Three straight one goal regulation losses leave fans with a lot of questions. And oddly enough, none of them are about the defense. We discuss how Pettersson can break this slump as well as answer some great listener questions.

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On this week’s segment:
Geeta rattles Arash in quite possibly the funniest moment of 5 Minutes For Paying ever as Arash ponders sneaking alcohol into a sportGeeta and Ryan discuss their Halloweens and weigh in on the FIERY pro or anti-Fireworks debate in Vancouver

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