Patreon Exclusive: 2006/07 Vancouver Canucks

This is a clip from November’s Patreon-exclusive bonus episode which is a deep dive on the 2006/07 Vancouver Canucks. In this clip, Ryan and Arash look back at the ‘Vote For Rory’ campaign. Long before the John Scott controversy, the NHL got really upset about some fans making a ‘mockery’ of the sanctity of NHL All-Star fan voting 

Ryan and Arash do a deep dive on the 2006/07 Vancouver Canucks season. The team is in a transitional phase as the Sedins weren’t quite the superstars they became and the West Coast Express loses a key piece as Todd Bertuzzi is traded to Florida for Roberto Luongo! 

They look back at the team’s slow start, the ill-fated ‘Vote For Rory’ campaign, Cowan the Bra-barian and Luongo’s bathroom break in game 5 vs Anaheim.

This was one hell of an interesting season in Vancouver!

Click here to listen to the episode

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