Patreon Exclusive: 2011/12 Philadelphia Flyers

This is a clip from November’s extra Patreon-exclusive bonus episode which is a deep dive on the 2011/12 Philadelphia Flyers season. In this clip, Ryan and Arash look back at Claude Giroux’s incredible start to game 6 of the first round of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, which saw a big hit, a huge goal and one eyebrow raising comment from Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette 

Ryan and Arash bring you a BONUS bonus episode for November! They take a deep dive into the rollercoaster ride that was the 2011/12 Philadelphia Flyers. 

From Chris Pronger being named captain to playing his last game in a span of two months, Carter and Richards being traded from ‘Dry Island’ to the incredible emergence of Claude Giroux, the boys cover it all!

They look back to HBO 24/7 covering the team’s road to the Winter Classic and profile the Flyers/Penguins rivalry that got extremely heated towards the end of the season.

Finally, the discuss the incredible first round series between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and discuss what an overlooked player Claude Giroux has been for the better part of his career.

Click here to listen to the episode

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