Episode #200 – Long Time Running

It’s the 200th episode of Pucks On net! Ryan, P Mac and Geeta gather at the palatial estate with gigantic number balloons and Prosecco to celebrate the milestone!

They discuss Bo Horvat’s impressive recent stretch with the Vancouver Canucks. Captain-material Bo makes a name for himself Saturday night against Boston. The Canucks are winning games and banding together, so let’s enjoy this before the dark days of winter are upon us.

They also talk about the Hurricanes and Maple Leafs coming back down to earth. Toronto is fresh off two tough loses against Pittsburgh and St. Louis. Are teams figuring out how to shut down Auston and the gang?

They talk about tweet mocking the intensity of Vancouver sports media was liked by several of the Canucks. Is the Vancouver sports market starting to rival Toronto in terms of intensity? We discuss the Vancouver sports media landscape.

Ryan Kesler had his triumphant return to the Anaheim Ducks recently. After concerns he could miss an entire season following problematic hip surgery, he pushed through to return far ahead of schedule. Is this the right move for a player of his age? And a player who’s got such significant wear and tear to his body?

Finally, the gang answers Twitter questions and looks back at two hundred episodes of Pucks On Net. Thank you to everyone who’s listened over the last five years!

Listen to this episode:

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