Episode #201 – Banner Friggin’ Year

Sidney Crosby loves playing in western Canada, the Nashville Predators are raising more banners than they know what to do with and Patrik Laine is the most exciting fourth line player in the league!

Ryan, Geeta, P Mac and a Skyped in Dave gather this week to discuss the slumping Winnipeg Jets after two big loses to the Toronto Maple Leafs in an incredible home at home series. They discuss Patrik Laine’s diminishing role on the Jets, Mark Scheifele’s very clean language and what to expect from the Winnipeg team moving forward.

They also discuss the Vancouver Canucks’ recent dads trip. The team is reeling after a couple tough losses and losing several key defensemen to injury. Despite Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser returning to the Canucks’ roster, they lose most of their defense core leaving Ben Hutton their franchise big minute d-man.

They also talk about the Colorado Avalanche’s incredible offensive production, some serious problems surrounding the Los Angeles Kings and the Edmonton Oilers getting back on the right track!

Listen to this episode:

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