Episode #147 – Kirk McLean’s Two Pad Stack


Captain Kirk is on the podcast this week! He joins Ryan, Geeta and P Mac to talk about his impressive NHL career. He’s a solid replacement for Dave, who was out playing his beer league championship game the night we recorded.

Kirk discusses the tough season in which he was traded from Vancouver to Carolina…and then to Florida. The difference in the hockey markets. Going from a rabid Canadian market to the Carolinas and eventually to the sun belt, we ask what kind of toll that takes on a professional hockey player.


They discuss the difference in coaching styles between Pat Quinn and Iron Mike Keenan in the unfortunate 1997/98 Vancouver Canucks season and eventually, the positives that came out of playing for the New York Rangers to end out his career.


They ask if there were any hard feelings from the 1994 Stanley Cup run that resurfaced when Mark Messier, Iron Mike or the rest of the New York Rangers resurfaced later in his career.

Finally, they discuss the positive impact of Pat Quinn on that early 90’s Canucks team, discuss Jake Allen’s struggles with St. Louis this season and the dynamic of the dressing room at the time. From the leaders of the team, to which Courtnall brother was the biggest prankster on the team.


If you’re a $5 or more backer on Patreon, you can continue listening to this episode on “5 Minutes For Paying” Ryan Geeta and Paul discuss the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery confusion. Ryan also discusses his new hobby of tweeting Bryan Adams and plays some deep cuts. Call it trolling if you will…
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