Episode #241 – Mitch Marner’s Cautionary Tale

The whole hockey world is talking about the troublesome tales coming out about Mike Babcock’s tenure as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Ryan, P Mac, Geeta and a Skyped in Dave get together this week and get fired up discussing Mike Babcock’s treatment of Mitch Marner during the 2016/17, Marner’s rookie campaign. They discuss the controversial tactics Babcock used to motivate his players and Babcock’s legacy in the league. Coaching the Detroit Red Wings to the 2008 Stanley Cup and Team Canada to two Olympic Gold Medals, will these allegations soon overshadow what was once a ‘guaranteed hall of fame career’?

They also discuss the slowly simmering goaltending controversy in Vancouver. Dave campaigns for Canucks fans to cheerlead for Jacob Markstrom, who might be going a tad under appreciated in Vancouver this season.

They chat about the slumping Calgary Flames, a team who’s goal production has dried up. All while a team three hours north of them, the Edmonton Oilers are scoring goals by the bucket load. And by Edmonton Oilers, we mean Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

Finally, they discuss Kyle Turris being a regular healthy scratch for the Nashville Predators and criticize the NHL Department of Player Safety for the four game suspension handed down to St. Louis Blues’ Robert Bortuzzo after his vicious cross-check to Nashville’s Viktor Arvidsson. A cross-check so vicious, Arvidsson is set to miss four to six weeks of action.

Listen to this episode:

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