Episode #71 – And Ryan Kesler as ‘The Villain’

The Ducks and Blackhawks are beating the crap out of each other and the Easter Conference teams are sitting back and takin’ it easy!

Dave, P Mac and Ryan are here this week to talk about the AMAZING series between the Ducks and the Blackhawks. They look at Ryan Kesler’s douchebaggery, but also praise him on his intense style of play, regardless of the effects on his body or his career being shortened.

They’re also (obviously) talking Mike Babcock in Toronto and what could happen the first few seasons, and Dave (with a little help from James Duthie) brings up another way the seasons could go that Maple Leafs fans might not like.

The guys also look back at Eric Lindros, the Nordiques drafting him 1st overall, him not reporting and what affect he could have had on the Quebec Nordiques franchise if he decided to report and play after all.

We also introduce two new segments to the show this week:
“Buck Martinez Doesn’t Care About The Memorial Cup” and “Junior Hockey Players Swearing on National TV!”


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