Episode #31 – ‘The Littlest Hobo’ Ryan Miller

Dustin Tokarski is riding high as the Montreal Canadiens starter but a lot of hockey fans are wondering, what about Peter Budaj?  Ryan, Geeta and P Mac on the Street are on this week to talk all about the 3rd round of the NHL Playoffs.

Paul tells an amazing story about an encounter with Johan Hedberg, someone who felt the same fate as Peter Budaj ten years ago while playing for the Vancouver Canucks.

Ryan Miller appears to be homeless right now, with not a lot of interest in his goaltending abilities. Is this a sign of the times? Where will he wind up?

They discuss the worst kept secret in hockey, Jim Benning finally being announced as the new General Manager of the Vancouver Canucks and touch on who could be the next head coach? Is Barry Trotz headed to the West Coast?


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