Episode #14 – The Rum & Eggnog Christmas Special!


Recorded live during the Pucks on net Christmas party, this is a very fun episode. The whole Pucks on net gang are podcasting under one roof.  Microphone in one hand, rum and eggnog in the other, we sit down to talk about the holiday season. We also play back a great moment of Christmas past, Trevor Linden asking the 1991/92 Vancouver Canucks what they would like for Christmas.

We discuss Canada getting the short end of the stick with this year’s HBO 24/7, being forced to watch it censored and with commercial breaks. We also touch on the fairly new holiday tradition of the Teddy Bear toss at hockey games, which is slowly making its way to the professional levels, notably in Abbotsford at a recent Heat game.

We spend a lot of the episode giving Christmas gifts to NHL players and teams. What do you give Taylor Hall or Ryan Kesler for Christmas? How about the Florida Panthers? Well, we give out gifts to all of them and then some!

A very fun and loose episode that everyone can enjoy and help lighten the mood during the busy holiday season.

Take a listen and have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Holidays!

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  1. It’s the Christmas season! Please?!


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