Episode #10 – Team Canada at the ’98 Nagano Olympics

Once again, the gang is recording live on location from the Pacific Coliseum. Geeta, Dave and Ryan are discussing one of our nation’s biggest tragedies, Team Canada’s performance at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games.

Before we discuss Marc Crawford’s terrible shootout decisions, we chat about what’s happening in the NHL these days, the Carolina Hurricanes and their ‘Second Chances’ Program, what’s wrong in Philadelphia and Edmonton. Ilya Bryzgalav is set to be an Oiler and we discuss why this decision is absolutely horrible.

The gang also discusses which goalies are hall of fame bound, and agree Tim Thomas is not, despite having the 5th best selling jersey in the NHL these days.

Ryan shares an embarrassing coming of age tale about trading a Joe Sakic rookie card for a pencil box full of Sarah Michelle Gellar photos.

Then comes the Nagano Olympics. We break down the wrong decisions Bobby Clark made building that team. Starting from the coaching down.  He wound up building a slow lumbering team of role players, and took the spotlight off Wayne Gretzky and pointed it towards big #88 Eric Lindros.

Definitely a fun episode this week! Enjoy everybody

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