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Episode #56 – Big Buff &The Soggy Tracksuit

Of course we're going to talk about Evander Kane and Don Cherry's recent comments on the situation on Coach's Corner start the show. One of the most unusual weeks ever for the Winnipeg Jets and Evander Kane, Ryan Dave and Geeta get together to discuss the problems surrounding the Jets organization. They discuss the Canucks ...


Episode #55 – Chasin’ Rings & Ruinin’ Legacies!

The All-Star break is over and regular season NHL games are back! Dave, Geeta, P Mac and Ryan are here to weigh in on Marty Brodeur's sudden retirement and new job with the St. Louis Blues front office...and not the New Jersey Devil's front office. They talk about the Canucks regular season return in a ...


Episode #54 – Police & Thieves

The whole gang is here this week! Dave, Geeta, P Mac and Ryan get together to discuss the Canucks going into the All-Star Break, the fantastic Winnipeg Jets and the idea of the returning World Cup of Hockey in 2016. With the jersey throwing problem in Toronto becoming a police matter, Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of ...


Episode #53 – All-Star Suckage & Snubs

The 2015 NHL All-Star game roster has been released and it makes no sense at all. Dave, Ryan & Geeta get together to run through the players who made it and the players who are sitting at home on All-Star weekend. They look at Roberto Luongo's return to Vancouver as well as the Canucks' shut ...


Episode #52 – Stay Gold, Domi Boy!

Canada wins gold at the 2015 World Juniors in Toronto/Montreal! Ryan, Dave and P Mac are here to talk about a fantastic effort by the Canadians, the crowd comparisons between Toronto and Montreal. They also look at the ongoing problems with the Maple Leafs, which NHL coach is getting fired next and P Mac starts ...