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Episode #5 – Six Degrees of Ed Belfour

The first week of the NHL Season was too much for us too handle here at Pucks on net, thus the slight delay in recording this episode. Sheila is missing this week, so friend of the show Geeta joins Dave and Ryan to co-host the first Pucks on net of the 2013-14 NHL Regular Season. ...


Episode #4 – The REAL NHL Awards!

It's the most majestic night of the year! The REAL NHL Awards show here on Pucks on net. The esteemed Pucks on net panel get together to give out the awards the NHL seems to neglect year after year. Ryan, Dave and Sheila sit down, in their finest rented tuxedos and formal wear to chime ...


Episode #3 – NHL antics and shenanigans in a hot tub in Regina

The gang is back with this week's episode about NHL Antics and shenanigans on and off the ice. But before they can get into it, their attention is drawn to the first WHL on Shaw game of the season between the Swift Current Broncos and the Regina Pats. Something about four girls in a hot ...


Episode #2 – Drake Berehowsky and the rest of the forgotten Canucks

In this week's episode of Pucks on net, Ryan, Errol and Dave rattle of their favourite and forgotten former Canucks. The likes of Jan Bulis, Artus Irbe, Martin Brochu and the debate over who was the real Bra-barian, Drake Berehowsky or Jeff Cowan. Dave also chimes in on his thoughts about the new Buffalo Sabres ...


Episode #1 – The West Coast Express Years

This is the debut episode of Pucks on net. Ryan, Errol and Dave discuss a laundry list of things we remember and love from 2001-2006, which was affectionatly known as the West Coast Express Era. The Canucks anchored by Markus Naslund, Brendan Morrison and Todd Bertuzzi. They discuss the dark Messier days that caame before, ...