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Episode #81 – Connor McDaigle

We're one weekend deep into the 2015/16 NHL season so naturally, we know Connor McDavid is Erie Otters, not really, but his NHL debut was a quiet one to say the least. Geeta, Dave and Ryan are here this week to open some Tim Hortons NHL cards and talk about the first few games ...


Episode #80 – Young As Hell: The 2015/16 NHL Season Preview!

Spoiler Alert: this is a fun podcast! And there is an official drinking game for this podcast! Every time we mention a former Canuck, take a drink! Full bench this week as Ryan, P Mac, Dave and Geeta are here to get you prepared for the 2015/16 NHL Season. First off, they look at how ...


Episode #79 – Stay In Tampa, Steven!

The preseason is in full swing and a colourful cast of characters are taking the roles of Canucks preseason superstars! Who will be this year's Fedor Fedorov? Dave, P Mac and Ryan are recording at the Coliseum where the Vancouver Giants had a successful home opener and read Geeta's letter from Paris. Is there a ...


Episode #78 – I Appreciate The Question

Patrick Kane appreciates your questions and appreciates this week's podcast! Geeta, P Mac and Ryan gather this week to talk about of all things, New York Islanders camp? Okay, well just Josh Ho-Sang getting sent home on the first day for being late thus living up to his reputation that plagued him on draft day ...


Episode #77 – Hey, Gary, Baby I Got Your Money!

The gang's back together! Paul, Dave, Geeta & Ryan return from summer vacation ready for NHL training camps and the pre-season. They discuss the unusual gimmicks featured in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, mainly the under-23 team and discuss the hockey overkill that could happen if the NHL goes to the Olympics in South ...