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Episode #84 – Jamie’s Benn Selfish!

The Canucks' kids are sticking with the big club! Get ready for all those Hansen and Higgins trade proposals on twitter! Full bench on the podcast this week as we record from the Pacific Coliseum. We're talking about Jared McCann and Jake Virtanen earning their way on to the Canucks roster and talking about the ...


Episode #83 – Hey Connor, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!

Connor Meets Messier and it gets weirder and weirder each week. Ryan, Dave and P Mac get together this week to talk about the week in the NHL. From a struggling at home Vancouver Canucks to a 9-0 Montreal Canadiens. Oh what's that? They're playing each other this week?? I wonder how that will go! ...


Episode #82 – Election Night In Canada!

We started podcasting as the votes were being counted during the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, one of the most important elections in history! Ryan, Dave and Geeta get together this week to talk about the slipping popularity of the Maple Leafs (who got bumped off the national game on CBC), the Vancouver Canucks' growing pains ...


Episode #81 – Connor McDaigle

We're one weekend deep into the 2015/16 NHL season so naturally, we know Connor McDavid is Erie Otters, not really, but his NHL debut was a quiet one to say the least. Geeta, Dave and Ryan are here this week to open some Tim Hortons NHL cards and talk about the first few games ...


Episode #80 – Young As Hell: The 2015/16 NHL Season Preview!

Spoiler Alert: this is a fun podcast! And there is an official drinking game for this podcast! Every time we mention a former Canuck, take a drink! Full bench this week as Ryan, P Mac, Dave and Geeta are here to get you prepared for the 2015/16 NHL Season. First off, they look at how ...