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Episode #29 – Pacioretty’s Revenge

Ryan Miller's contract year turned into a contract period. The St. Louis Blues are out and the gang is not surprised. Deep in the heart of the 1st round of the playoffs, Dave, Geeta and Ryan look towards round 2 and in particular, the age old rivalry of Montreal and Boston. Pacioretty is out for ...


Episode #28 – #AskNeal About The Blue Jackets

Its the first week of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the gang is fired up for the Columbus Blue Jackets! After tieing up the series with the Penguins, people are starting to take notice to the hard working blue collar team made up of Kings and Rangers rejects. Geeta, Dave and Ryan discuss their dislike of ...


Episode #27 – Trevor Linden: Yes We Can!

The Vancouver Canucks name Trevor Linden president of the team and the black clouds over Rogers Arena are instantly replaced with glowing optimism. Ryan, Dave and P Mac get together all fired up for the mean nothing games that always fill the final weekend of the NHL regular season and the upcoming NHL Playoffs. This ...


Episode #26 – Born On The FM Waves

Is the Vancouver Canucks' season over? How wild are the parties Tomas Tatar throwing in Darren Helms' apartment? Ryan, Geeta & P Mac on the Street get together to discuss an unusual time for Canucks fans. Is it a time for change or a time to retool the team currently dressed. We look back at ...


Episode #25 – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Clip Show!

Ben Scrivens doesn't want your soiled Oilers jersey, Edmonton! Ryan and P Mac on the street welcome you to this week's podcast after an eventful Battle of Alberta in Edmonton Saturday night. An angry Taylor Hall, a discarded jersey and more! This epsiode takes a look back at some of the great moments of the ...