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Episode #34 – Canucks’ Coach Search & Playoffs Wrap Up

Darryl Sutter goes shirtless at the LA Kings Stanley Cup parade. The Vancouver Canucks don't even have a coach who can take his shirt off yet! There are still a lot of loose ends to take care of in Vancouver this off season. Will they hire Mike Keenan? They really really really really should... Geeta, ...


Episode #33 – The Kings’ Three Game Sweep

              If you see the New York Rangers, please tell them to report to the Stanley Cup Final. Geeta, Paul and Ryan gather to discuss the lackluster Stanley Cup Final and the poor showing from the AV led New York Rangers. We discuss the similarities in problems the Rangers ...


Episode #32 – Rangers win, Youppi! loses

  The New York Rangers are going to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 20 years when they broke the hearts of Vancouver Canucks fans. Now, they've rallied around Marty St. Louis to lead their captainless team to the Finals.   Ryan and a returning Dave spend a while talking about the ...


Episode #31 – ‘The Littlest Hobo’ Ryan Miller

Dustin Tokarski is riding high as the Montreal Canadiens starter but a lot of hockey fans are wondering, what about Peter Budaj?  Ryan, Geeta and P Mac on the Street are on this week to talk all about the 3rd round of the NHL Playoffs. Paul tells an amazing story about an encounter with Johan ...


Episode #30 – Do You Know Who Milan Lucic Is?

  Milan Lucic has some plans for Dale Weise next year, but in the mean time, he's got a lot of free time due to the Boston Bruins being eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the hands of the Montreal Canadiens.   Ryan and P Mac on the Street discuss Milan Lucic's fall from ...