Episode #344 – JOEY Just Doesn’t Cut It

Patrik Allvin and Jim Rutherford get it done and sign Andrei Kuzmenko. Turns out all it took was taking him out for a nicer mean than JOEY had to offer!

Ryan, Arash and Geeta get together this week to discuss the Canucks key free agent signing, what this means for the top six and which players could be on the move.

They also discuss Tampa’s dominant game 3 victory over Colorado, they look at the flood of head coach hires (re-hires really) in the NHL and look back at the Eric Lindros trade, which was thirty years ago this week!

Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks ($5+) for access to our bonus content: video podcasts, our new “Offseason Canucks Wish List” bonus episodes and our weekly 5 Minutes For Paying. On this week’s segment: Ryan, Geeta and Arash talk about their ideal weddings.

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