Episode #319 – Jim Rutherford’s Actual Plan

With Christmas just around the corner, we sit down to record our final podcast of 2021, with most of us wearing shackets.

Ryan, Arash and Geeta get together this week following Jim Rutherford’s introduction to the Vancouver fans and media as the new president of hockey operations, just like Bruce Boudreau the week before, gave a refreshing and eloquent first impression.

They discuss the difficult decisions facing Rutherford this year, what we can expect from his extensive general manager search and whether any of his players will be heading to the 2022 Winter Olympics … or any of them for that matter.

They spend five minutes discussing the New York Islanders and answering some great listener questions.

Merry Christmas everyone! We’ll see you in 2022!

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On this week’s segment:
We reveal if we’ve done our Christmas shopping yet, what our favourite podcast moments of 2021 were and what they’d all like for Christmas.

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