Episode #316 – An Apathetic Oh Hell Yeah.

Everyone is still employed and looking for someone else to blame within the Vancouver Canucks.

Geeta, Arash and Ryan hop on Zoom this week to discuss another ho hum apathetic week of Canucks action. Whether it was a dull 1-0 loss to Chicago or the Canucks fans’ attempt at being heard during home games, nothing seems to be progressing to what needs to happen.

Ryan opens up his “Schaapy Ending” segment looking back to the bold pre-season predictions for the Vancouver Canucks and how they were more reliant on the Pacific Divison teams being abysmal than the Canucks being successful.

They also spend five minutes on the Detroit Red Wings, discuss the Elias Pettersson paparazzi and answer some great listener questions.

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On this week’s segment:
Geeta admits she is envious of Canucks Conversation’s new podcast sponsor so the gang tries to figure out which local company is up for the task!

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