Botchford Project Roundtable w/ Clarissa Sabile & Lachlan Irvine

The three recipients of the 2021 Botchford Project join the podcast this week to discuss their experiences in May and how to navigate the rocky waters of the 2021/22 Vancouver Canucks season.

Clarissa Sabile (@quinnsedgework) and Lachlan Irivine (@LachInTheCrease) join Arash and Ryan as the three look back at their experiences with the Canucks’ Botchford Project and covering a team and a game in a less than enjoyable time period in May.

They also weigh in on the current struggles facing the Canucks, Jim Benning’s recent media availability and their nominations for the next head coach or general manager of the team.

You can find Lachlan writing for Canucks Army and podcasting with Locked on Canucks and the CreaseCast.

You can find Clarissa also writing for Canucks Army and being the voice Canucks Twitter never knew they needed.

Arash’s Botchford Project article.
Lachlan’s Botchford Project article.
Clarissa’s Botchford Project article.

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On this week’s segment:
Ryan and Arash continue to answer listener questions, discuss their PON RAGs Geetaway Weekend and more!

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