Patreon Exclusive: The Tofino RAGs Geetaway Bonus Episode!

This is a clip from our November Patreon bonus episode The Tofino RAGs Geetaway Bonus Episode! recorded as the PON hosts and their respective partners headed to Tofino, British Columbia for a long weekend to hang out, enjoy the beautiful region and record a couple podcasts. In this clip, Arash’s Pokemon card mural is brought into question as he discusses dating during the pandemic. The gang discusses their history with the card game growing up.
Also in the episode, the whole house hops on the mic to discuss their weekend, Aaron Rodgers, meeting one another and the RAGs (Reed and girlfriends) first encounter with Pucks On Net. Click here to listen to the bonus episode.
Available to PON Patreon backers pledging $5+ a month. Get access to our weekly bonus content, pledge a coupla bucks. Help cover production and hosting costs, equipment upgrades, contest prizes and new merchandise!

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