Episode #310 – Due Diligence

The 2021/22 NHL regular season is almost here and all we’re talking about is a draft bust getting traded!

Arash, Geeta and Ryan get together over Zoom on this Thanksgiving Monday to discuss the trade that sent Olli Juolevi to the Florida Panthers. They discuss the final straw for the former London Knight and the return the Canucks fetched.

Arash Decision debuts as Arash gives Canucks fans some hope and optimism for the upcoming season and makes a bold addition to the PON Banned List (working title).

Elsewhere around the league they discuss Evander Kane’s latest controversy, some big money contracts being handed out and answer some great listener questions.

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On this week’s segment:
Arash and Ryan discuss the upcoming PON Fantasy League draft, the unwritten goalie rules and get the PON Patrons prepared for the big night!

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