Episode #308 – It’s Summer! Hop In The Pool, Man

Summer’s here BABY!

Arash and Ryan break down one hell of an eventful five day stretch for the Vancouver Canucks. The Buyouts, the trades, the UFA signings and all that depth! Geeta joins us from the vehicle line up at the BC Ferries terminal in Nanaimo to weigh in on the OEL trade and what to be optimistic for going forward.

The fellas also discuss the big UFA signings of the day and discuss a disappointing signing in Carolina, a Montreal draft pick that never should have been and a difficult year of events surrounding hockey culture and the old boys club.

Have a great summer everyone! We’ll see you in a couple months.

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On this week’s segment:
Immediately after hitting record, Arash and Ryan search for a cold open. They spend six minutes talking about the Canucks fanbase, how negative the market it is and the two strange sides of Canucks’ twitter … oh and the big day for Jim and the team!

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