Episode #307 – Come As You Are (exposed in the expansion draft)

We took a week off and man did we return to one hell of a lot of news!

Geeta, Arash and Ryan get on Zoom this week to discuss the wild list of players exposed to Seattle in the expansion draft this week. Will Seattle pickup Carey Price? Maybe a Vladimir Tarasenko? And just how many backdoor/drawer deals are being made right now?

They discuss the Vancouver Canucks’ trade with Dallas for Jason Dickinson, what he can bring to the bottom six in Vancouver and what this means for re-signings and contracts going forward.

They also touch on the Ryan Ellis trade, answer some great listener questions and perform some Frasier reader’s theatre.

Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks ($5+) for access to our bonus content: video podcasts, Pucks On Net: Game Changers Part 2  and our weekly ‘5 Minutes For Paying’. On this week’s segment:
The gang continues to talk about the expansion draft, pointless mock drafts and just what the Canucks might do in the next week. They also gear up for PON Summer Vacation.

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