The 300th Episode of Pucks On Net

It’s our 300th episode!

Arash, Geeta and Ryan welcome a plethora of guests as they share some PON memories over the seven and a half years since episode #1 was recorded in September 2013.

Canucks Conversations’ Chris Faber, Jyrki21, PON original co-hosts Dave McPhail and Sheila Scott, PON step-dad Jeff and Ryan Hank of the PP1 Podcast all join the show to share some memories and laughs.

This month on the podcast, we are shining a light on a great initiative:
On Canada Project is a grassroots, volunteer-based project. They bring together your friendly neighbourhood nerds, active citizens and change-agents in order to help keep Millennials and Gen Z informed and engaged with issues impacting Canadians, prominently life related to COVID-19 right now.

They’ve since evolved into a big group of young people who continue to make content related to their mission, which is to help Canadians stay informed, take up action and champion change in Canada. They have over 150 volunteers, and they’re always looking for more people to join their project. While based largely in Ontario, they’re actively looking to recruit from other provinces so holler at them if that’s you! Check out and make sure you follow them on Instagram @OnCanadaProject

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