Episode #293 – Are We Human?

COVID-19 has ravaged the Vancouver Canucks roster and their families. Hockey, the trade deadline and one last playoff push seem so secondary right now.

Ryan and Arash get together this week to talk about one of the most significant weeks in Canucks’ history following 20+ players and coaches being placed in COVID-19 protocol. What does this mean for the rest of the season? Are there meaningful games left to play? Or is it time to shut ‘er down?

They also discuss the slumping Philadelphia Flyers who unfortunately were the ones to end the Buffalo Sabres’ winless streak at 18. They touch on the Calgary Flames, who’s playoffs hopes are just as dim and out of each as the Canucks. What’s next for Cow Town?

They chat about their general pandemic fatigue, share what they miss about live hockey games and answer some great listener questions.

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