Episode #291 – Cautiously Optimistic

After rattling off seven of eight points on their recent road trip, the Canucks come home to injury concerns and a tough loss to the Jets.

Ryan, Geeta and Arash get together this week and talk about last week’s interview with Shawn Matthias. They discuss their concerns with the current front office but outline some nice little positives including their recent waiver wire pickups from Toronto.

They look forward to the trade deadline, the ups and downs of the Canadian division and why we can remain positive about the Canucks going forward.

They discuss the struggling Calgary Flames, the unfortunately abysmal Buffalo Sabres and answer some great questions.

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Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks ($5+) for access to our bonus content: video podcasts, ‘PON Book Club: Burke’s Law’  and our weekly ‘5 Minutes For Paying’. On this week’s bonus segment: Arash marvels at his partner playing Donkey Kong, Ryan unnecessary video game swearing and Arash still wants an iPhone.

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