Episode #270 – WAP: Wet A$$ Petey

Despite being tied 2-2 in their series, it feels like the Vancouver Canucks are on the ropes. What needs to change for game 5?

Geeta, P Mac and Ryan gather this week to look back at the eye opening back to back games for the Blues and Canucks in their quarterfinal series. After a close but outplayed game 3, the Canucks were outmatched in every way possible by the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Can the Canucks change their game like the Blues have? Or will the St. Louis continue to dominate Vancouver?

Dave joins the show to break down the Canucks/Blues series and give his thoughts on Mike Milbury’s maligned role as colour commentator for NBC.

They tough on the other series in the league, look at Carey Price’s future and much more!

Listen to this episode:

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