Episode #265 – It’s A Trap!

A difficult week in our world to say the least, we try to talk about hockey and life, but some weeks it’s a lot harder than others.

This week Ryan, Geeta, P Mac and eventually Dave talk about the likelihood of the NHL returning. They also touch on Judd Brackett officially parting ways with the Vancouver Canucks and just what that means for the organization. Speaking of the Canucks, the gang discusses Jake Virtanen distracted driving social media posts and who would wind up on our Mount Rushmore’s of the NHL. Ryan buys a new big TV and is watching a lot of mid 90’s sports on it.

They look back at Patrick Roy’s turbulent exit out of Montreal and make some interesting comparisons between him and Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg Jets.

Listen to this episode:

Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks (or $5) and get instant access to all our bonus content. This week the gang talks about the copious amounts of swear words you’ll likely hear during empty arena NHL games.


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