Episode #247 – Ovi, Wayne & The First Place Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks are first place in the Pacific Division!

Ryan, Geeta and P Mac gather in the palatial estate to discuss the excellent hockey the Canucks have been playing since mid-December. They talk about the scoring depth, the “resurgence” of Loui Eriksson and the three Canucks heading to the All-Star Game in St. Louis.

PON Ottawa Bureau Chief Dave skypes in to chat about the fall from grace the old man San Jose Sharks have had this year. Aging players and underwhelming results leaves us wondering if the Sharks are playing for this season… or next?

They also discuss the Kes and Juice podcast with Edmonton Oilers’ Zack Kassian, debate whether Ovechkin could break Wayne Gretzky’s goal record and answer some great listener questions.

Listen to this episode:

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Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks (or $5) and get instant access to all our bonus content. This week This week Chris Faber (Canucks Conversation Podcast) asks for the gang’s top three underrated bars and pubs in Vancouver. They give their picks and share some memories. Geeta also asks Ryan for some recommendations for her upcoming trip to Portland.


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