Episode #240 – Perfectly Adequate

Alex Edler scored a rather controversial goal at Rogers Arena on Saturday night while Avalanche player Matt Calvert laid on the ice bleeding from the head. Should it have been handled differently? We discuss.

Geeta, P Mac and Ryan gather this week to talk about a busy weekend in the National Hockey League. Dave Skypes in from Ottawa to touch on the strange turn of events in the Canucks/Avalanche game Saturday, the fallout and what could be changed going forward. They also discuss Adam Gaudette’s success and the fact that Canucks’ brass cannot send him back to the AHL with a performance like his.

They head east and talk about the struggling Toronto Maple Leafs. Just two regulation wins in their last 15 games, one can only began to wonder if head coach Mike Babcock has lost the room and if he’ll be coming back early or at all on the Leafs’ big road trip right now.

They discuss the strange Ilya Kovalchuk situation, the chances of him winding up in Vancouver and just why the grizzled vet is not playing regular minutes for the Los Angeles Kings.

Finally, the gang talks about the new old Vancouver Canucks skate jerseys, looks at an interesting aspect of success for the New York Islanders and answer some great listener questions!

Listen to this episode:

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