Episode #237 – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Blown Leads

The Vancouver Canucks LOVE 5-1 leads. They’re all about 5-1 leads.

P Mac and Ryan gather at Ryan’s West End studio apartment to discuss an eventful weekend of hockey in Vancouver. They discuss the bitter taste in the mouths of fans and players following the Canucks’ blown 5-1 lead against Washington, and how they responded to that blown lead with a dominant performance against Florida on Monday.

A familiar voice from the PON extended family phones in. PON’s absentee stepfather Jeff joins the pod after a chance encounter at the Costco Restaurant and shares his thoughts on the Canucks’ big win over the Panthers, a game all three were in attendance for.

P Mac and Ryan also discuss the incredible and always growing list of injuries in the NHL. With some key injuries to the top line in Colorado, there could be some BIG points for western conference fringe teams to earn that could have a huge impact in the race for the playoffs.

They also talk about the “super soft” Toronto Maple Leafs and Alex Ovechkin’s brutally honest comments about the Toronto club struggling in John Tavares’ absence. Is Mike Babcock on the hot seat? The gentlemen discuss as well as answer some great listener questions.

Listen to this episode:

Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks (or $5) and get instant access to all our bonus content. This week Ryan collects an ungodly amount of Tim Horton’s hockey cards after tricking co-workers into buying cards for him, his plans to win the contest to meet Sidney Crosby and the two continue to talk hockey!


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