Episode #236 – Election Night In Canada 2!

As the nation votes, the whole gang gathers at the palatial estate to talk hockey and election results.

Ryan,  P Mac, Geeta and a Skyped in Dave chat about the Vancouver Canucks this week who are fresh off a big comeback win against the St. Louis Blues and a nail biter in Madison Square Garden vs the exciting Rangers. They discuss just how solid of a goaltending duo Markstrom and Demko have become and how few goals the Canucks have given up in this young season.

They also discuss the Dallas Stars’ slow start, how likely a coach firing could be and how personally affected the Stars’ were by tornados in the area.

They chat about John Tavares’ broken finger, the incredible amount distance travelled by the sluggish Philadelphia Flyers to start the season, the Utica Comets’ hot start and the impressive point production from Goldobin and Baertschi and answer some great listener questions.

Listen to this episode:

Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks (or $5) and get instant access to all our bonus content. This week the gang continues to watch election results come in, Ryan gives his big umbrella review and tells a story of his dad rambling about buying a book and JFK’s autopsy.


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