Episode #234 – Let’s Get Out There, Boys!

After a sluggish start to the NHL regular season, the Vancouver Canucks come home, plan to get a captain and hopefully score some goals!

Ryan, Geeta and P Mac hunker down at the palatial estate this week to breakdown a rather underwhelming start of the season for the Canucks. From the questionable line choices, far too many too many men penalties and an ice cold power play, it’s almost been expected after a tough preseason with injuries and contract holdouts, and that was just Brock Boeser!

They also discuss the big San Jose Sharks / Vegas Golden Knights rivalry that continues to bubble over after a rough and tumble home at home series that began the season. What can we look forward to in their next game (November 21st)? What will Evander Kane have to say to Ryan Reaves after some subtle digs in the media following Kane’s suspension?

The gang also chats about the other big rivalry in the western conference, Matthew Tkachuk and Drew Doughty as they gear up to face each other this week for the first time this season. Much like Kane and Reaves, there has been quite a few comments made in the media, making this game must see TV.

Finally, they answer some great listener questions, talk about the New York Rangers’ early success and talk about the injury problems in Pittsburgh!

Listen to this episode:

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