PON Summer Episode – Dave Jr, Gob & The Darkest Timeline Ryan

A full bench, together again for the first time in over a year!

Ryan, Geeta, P Mac and Dave gather at the palatial estate to discuss their summers and an eventful NHL offseason.

They weigh on in the James Neal/Milan Lucic trade and if there is some sort of winner in this deal, and just why it was made in the first place?

They also talk Canucks, the strangely large list of remaining restricted free agents, Brock Boeser’s towel troll and just what the hell is going to happen with Mitch Marner.

They also discuss embarrassing concerts they’ve been to, Ryan’s come of age tale at a Gob concert and what could have been.

Dave also shares a big update and they gang generally just has a great evening together!

Listen to this episode:

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