Episode #231 – Ty Dolla $ign Myers

The 2019 NHL Draft in Vancouver has come and gone, the Canucks drafted out of Russia and a trade with Tampa Bay rocked the fanbase. But it’s a potential free agent signing that has the Vancouver fans very concerned.

Geeta, P Mac and Ryan gather this week out on the palatial estate’s balcony which has become a second last podcast of the season tradition for Pucks On Net. They break down the Canucks’ draft weekend. From drafting Vasili Podkolzin 10th overall, to trading a first round pick and a third round pick to Tampa for JT Miller, it was an eventful few days.

They look at Jim Benning re-signing Alex Edler to a neat and tidy two year deal as well as look back at Elias Pettersson winning the Calder Trophy and his very heartfelt acceptance speech, letting the entire hockey world know what an impact Jason Botchford had on him and the city.

They also share their concerns regarding signing Tyler Myers to a long term, big money deal and what this could mean for the Canucks in the next several years.

They touch on Mitch Marner’s RFA drama in Toronto, the chances of him being offersheet’d and discuss how Kyle Dubas has handled these tough contract situations so far during his time as GM. Could this all be a clever ploy to reunite Marner with his “dad”, Patrick Marleau in Carolina?

Finally, they discuss Corey Perry being bought out by the Anaheim Ducks. P Mac’s time covering the draft and answer some great listener questions.

Listen to this episode:

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