Episode #230 – You Gotta Pace Yourself

The St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup, defeating the dastardly Boston Bruins in Game 7 and they celebrated with one of the messiest Stanley Cup parades in history. Here’s hoping it was the only Stanley Cup parade to feature a ‘boot ‘n rally’.

Ryan, P Mac and a returning Geeta hunker down on a beautiful summer night at the palatial estate to look back at the Blues’ memorable Cup victory. From the lovable team and incredibly good karma, it’s hard not to be happy for St. Louis’ first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

They also look at the big Erik Karlsson signing in San Jose. Can he remain healthy to make the contract worthwhile? They also break down the Jacob Trouba trade that definitely speeds up the NY Rangers’ rebuild.

Also, the Alex Edler rumours are swirling that his camp and the Canucks are unable to reach a deal. Are the teams that far apart? Or is this just stubborn posturing from both sides?

The Canucks released their “new” jerseys which the gang weighs in on. They also talk Dion Phaneuf’s buyout, the “win now” Philadelphia Flyers and the flurry of NHL trades that took place this past week.

Listen to this episode:

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