Episode #229 – Just Say No

The Raptors lose game 5, the St. Louis Blues lose game 6 and all of Canada waits with bated breath to see who will come out on top.

P Mac joins Ryan at his West End studio apartment to watch game 5 of the NBA Finals, a game which saw the Raptors fall by one point to the Golden State Warriors.

They talk about the Stanley Cup Final, Zdeno Chara’s incredible comeback in the series after suffering an (allegedly) broken jaw. They marvel at his role as Bruins captain and wonder if the team can rally around him to win game 7 on home ice. Or will the St. Louis Blues do what they’ve done all playoffs, and win when it mattered most.

Dave Skypes-in to discuss the Milan Lucic trade rumours. Are the Vancouver Canucks really looking to trade albatross for albatross, Lucic for Loui? Is there anyway you’d want to make this deal work? Or is Milan Lucic the wrong man for the Canucks?

They also touch base on Jeff Skinner’s new monster deal with the Buffalo Sabres, dive deep into Vancouver Canucks free agency and answer some great listener questions.

Listen to this episode:

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