Episode #219 – Eugene’s Burner Accounts

The Canucks’ season is nothing but a formality now and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ are in the midst of some off-ice drama. But nothing compares to the latest installment of nonsensical Eugene Melnyk quotes!

Ryan, Geeta and P Mac gather this week to discuss the final weeks of the Vancouver Canucks season. Following an incredibly disappointing loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets, there isn’t too much to get excited about.

Dave joins the podcast for the first time in a few weeks to discuss Oilers’ President Bob Nicholson’s interesting comments on Tobias Rieder, the Blue Jackets’ exceptionally risky gamble and he chimes in on the Hart Trophy discussion.

They also discuss the Maple Leafs’ alleged drama between Kyle Dubas and Mike Babcock. Is this all hearsay and quotes being misinterpreted? Or is there a serious rift between the GM and Head Coach about how to run an NHL team in 2019?

Finally, the gang discusses Roberto Luongo’s cap penalty that could affect the Canucks, answer some listener questions and take a look at a questionable Twitter account. Could the eternally optimistic Jack Maxwell actually be someone under Eugene Melnyk’s employ? We investigate.

Listen to this episode:

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