Episode #212 – Inadvertent Innuendo

The unofficial second half of the NHL season is here. The trade deadline slowly approaches and the arms race between the big four teams begins!

Ryan, Geeta, a Skyped-in Dave and P Mac get together to discuss the Winnipeg Jets. Arguably one of the most fun teams in the league to watch right now, the Jets are keeping pace in the Central Division and winning a lot of games despite pending RFA Patrik Laine scoring just four goals since early December. There are talks of the Jets shopping their first round pick, ready to compete with Nashville, San Jose and the powerhouses in the east.

They also discuss the Tom Wilson fixation facing contending teams in the NHL right now. With so many teams wanting to compete with the Capitals and bring the intimidation element and toughness to their playoff run, can we see teams overpaying for players the likes of Micheal Ferland or Wayne Simmonds at the deadline?

They touch on the increasingly elaborate win celebrations in Carolina as the Hurricanes have begun playing duck duck goose to celebrate home wins. Are these celebrations going too far? Also, do these players actually know the proper rules of Duck Duck Goose? P Mac investigates.

Finally, the gang answers some great Canucks and Superbowl related questions and they discuss “Pricklygate” and the commentary on Elias Pettersson during the All-Star Break.

Listen to this episode:

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