Episode #209 – Good Night Dave, Good Luck Rick Nash

The Canucks avenge Petey, the Oilers will do anything to score goals in a last ditch effort to make the playoffs and Rick Nash calls it a career.

Ryan, Geeta, P Mac and a Skyped-in Dave join you to discuss another week of chaos in Edmonton. The Oilers are willing to trade almost anything to get some offensive threats. Is this Peter Chiarelli’s last chance?

They also discuss Roberto Luongo’s return to Vancouver — and Mike Matheson’s for that matter. Multiple Canucks took their turn trying to stick up for Elias Pettersson, but Matheson wasn’t biting.

Rick Nash’s career comes to an end and they discuss his contribution to the game, whether his career is Hall of Fame calibre and players with similar numbers who aren’t in the hall of fame.

They also look at the Bobrovsky controversy in Columbus. The team leadership group suspended Goalie Bob group after a blowup with Torts. Is the animated and angry John Tortorella slowly pushing Bobrovsky (…and Panarin) out of town?

Finally, the gang answers some Twitter questions and talks those high-scoring Calgary Flames and the incredible lack of production from James Neal.

Listen to this episode:

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