Episode #207 – Ryan Reaves & The Christmas Concussion

‘Tis the season for the 6th annual Pucks On Net Christmas Party!

Ryan, Geeta and P Mac gather at the Den: Barcade & Drinkery on Robson street with a delightful room of partygoers, friends, family and those who enjoy a tab paid for by the hosts!

The gang discusses Ryan Reaves’ vigilante justice against Tom Wilson and his unfortunate actions in the days that followed. They give some Christmas presents to various NHL players and teams. They also have a wide array of party guests join the show.

Jessica Sands discusses Kyle Wellwood as well as her delightful minor league baseball podcast Home And Away.  Former Pucks On Net co-host Sheila Scott joins the show after many years to give some choice words to Ryan. Sam Anderson has a special birthday present for Ryan. This is a rather ‘erotic’ tie into a past Christmas party episode, which might explain why Ryan’s mom joins the segment as well.

Enjoy and have a merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday, and a wonderful New Year!

Listen to this episode:

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