Episode #198 – Blow Up Your Video(games)

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, the Elias Pettersson show arrived in Vancouver and all everyone seems to be talking about is a ill-conceived video game ban in the Canucks dressing room.

Ryan, Geeta and P Mac get together this week to talk about the impressive NHL debut of Elias Pettersson for the Vancouver Canucks. They discuss the chemistry he now has with linemate Nikolay Goldobin and the new lease on life Loui Eriksson has playing with the speedy young forwards.

They also discuss the Canucks’ video game ban and the questionable way Bo Horvat announced it to media. It is clear that the young Canuck is having a tough time facing questions from the media in a dressing room without Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Is it just growing pains for a player we all expect will be captain next season?

Dave Skypes in from Ottawa to talk about William Nylander. The Maple Leafs’ young star is still holding out for a contract and Dave thinks of an ideal west coast destination where Nylander could wind up in a trade. San Jose and Toronto both have assets the other team needs. Can we see a trade happen before the RFA deadline on December 1st?

The gang discusses vigilante justice and the two incidences of players policing themselves, Erik Gudbranson in Vancouver and Brad Marchand in Boston. Is there still room in the game for this old school approach to law and order? Or is it time to evolve the game?

Listen to this episode:

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  1. […] Brock Boeser are each -7 to start this season. I know we ranted about the validity of that stat onthe podcast this week, but it is significant especially when you consider that guys like Brandon Sutter and Jay Beagle […]


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