Episode #197 – Jets Lag: The 2018/19 Season Preview

The 2018/19 NHL regular season is here, P Mac is back from Winnipeg, and it’s time to get ready for the new season!

P Mac, Geeta and Ryan get together to discuss Sam Gagner being put on waivers by the Vancouver Canucks this week. After a subpar preseason and first regular season with the Canucks, Jim Benning opted to admit the three-year deal he signed Sam Gagner to last year was a mistake. Cutting Gagner gave room for a young prospect and is considered a glimmer of optimism for Canucks fans.

They Skype with Dave from Ottawa and discuss the Montreal Canadiens’ naming Shea Weber as the 30th captain in Habs history. One problem, he isn’t expected to return to the lineup until December. Why name a captain now? It seemed like it was appointed just to send a message; this is a new Habs core, a new Habs mindset and they’re not living in the past.

Ryan gives each member of the podcast a jersey from the clearance section of NHLShop.com, and P Mac brings a couple presents from Winnipeg back!

Finally, on the show, the gang breaks down “The PON Ten.” They pick ten teams to keep an eye out for this season. For good reasons (San Jose, Toronto), for bad reasons (Vancouver, Ottawa) and curious reasons (Philadelphia and Calgary).

Listen to this episode:

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