Patreon Exclusive: Pre-Pre-Preseason Talk

With the NHL regular season still over a month away, Ryan and P Mac got together over the Labour Day long weekend to kick back, watch Saturday Night Fever and talk hockey.

On this bonus podcast available exclusively to Patreon backers, they discuss Nate Schmidt’s twenty game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. They look at fan reaction, Nate’s very vocal response to the suspension and what this could mean going forward for the Vegas Golden Knights.

They answer some great Twitter questions from the Pucks On Net faithful. These range from the boys’ ranking of pies, Ryan’s self-professed “perfect” homemade shepherd’s pie and the podcast’s official stance on fantasy and fancy stats.

They also answer a fantastic question about the upcoming Vancouver Canucks’ season:
Who will score more goals, Jay Beagle or Loui Eriksson?

Pledge $5 (or more) and receive instant access to all Patreon-exclusive bonus content. Below is a teaser from this month’s episode:

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