PON Offseason Report – “The Summer Of Ryan”

When there’s no hockey to talk about, you don’t talk about hockey!

Ryan, Geeta, and Dave gather at the palatial estate to talk about their summers. Downtown Vancouver is a smokey mess as our province is engulfed in flames.

While the show starts off discussing Quinn Hughes and the Canucks’ 7th overall 2018 draft pick deciding to head back to Michigan to play NCAA hockey, the conversation quickly steers to Ryan’s venture into vigilante justice and his successful pawnshop operation.

Geeta chimes in about her summer so far. Fresh off a week from hell and a racially charged Bumble date, her tales are less than jovial.

Ryan also talks about having, in his words, “literally the best night ever” after seeing Jack White perform at Rogers Arena this past weekend.

PON veteran Dave shares some unfortunate news about his tenure on the podcast, and in the province for that matter. But does shed light on some uplifting plans to remain on the podcast airwaves next season.

Finally, Ryan tells a story dating back to Dave and his first year at BCIT. One where Ryan channeled his inner Ricky from Trailer Park Boys to get the gang out of a jam.

Listen to this episode:

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