Episode #186 – Tuukka Rask: Wicked Pissed


Brad Marchand is licking players, the Golden Knights finally lost a game and the Pittsburgh/Washington series looks like a rerun.

Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to talk all about the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. From the amazing back and forth series between Nashville and Winnipeg, to the bang and crashing Golden Knights vs Sharks, its been a great start to the second round

They discuss the Winnipeg Jets’ insanely stacked team. How Mark Scheifele’s patient progression is finally paying off, and how we all forgot how dominant playoffs Byfuglien is! Who’s going to come out of that series in one piece??

They also talk about the Vancouver Canucks’ three MVP winning prospects, another bad year at the NHL Draft Lottery Party and the request to send Fin to represent the team.

They talk about Hart Trophy candidates, Lou Lamoriello’s no longer the general manager in Toronto, and who will wind up taking the reigns after two successful seasons following a whole lot of pain in their rebuild.

Listen to this week’s 5 Minutes for Paying for our $5+ Patreon backers. The gang plays your favourite game: What’s in Ryan’s Homesense shopping bag, flat earthers and 3D movies.



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