Episode #179 – …And Brad Marchand As “The Kool-Aid Man


Brad Marchand is no longer reformed, the Canucks can’t score goals and Alex Ovechkin and Patrik Laine are trading 40 goal seasons.

Geeta, P Mac and Ryan join you this week to discuss the scary scene at Rogers Arena last Monday night, which saw the end of Brock Boeser’s Calder Cup bid as well as his season. They also discuss the teammates who followed him to the hospital.

They also discuss Alex Ovechkin having another 40 goal season. Could he play long enough to pass Wayne Gretzky’s goal scoring totals? Breaking one of Wayne’s records sounds like an impossible feat, but there is a solid chance he could.

Brad Marchand is up to his usual tricks. Embellishing fines, dangerous collisions and suspensions have returned to his game following nearly two seasons of squeaky clean hockey. What needs to be done with Rat Boy?

Finally, the gang answers question from Twitter, from going to Vancouver Canucks games to a couple great “Would You Rathers”, as well as Ryan’s new career as a professional Bachelor Party Partier


Listen to this week’s 5 Minutes for Paying for our $5+ Patreon backers. Geeta goes to Rugby Sevens, Ryan drags along the gang to listen to a Jack White album preview and the latest saga in his crappy apartment rental listing


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