Episode #178 – Vanek, Jimbo & The Raging Alpacas


The trade deadline has come and gone, so has Thomas Vanek and man oh man were Vancouver Canucks fans unhappy about it!

Ryan, P Mac and Geeta join you this week to discuss the big deals made last week. No, not just Thomas Vanek to Columbus for some warm bodies, but real, blockbuster trades! Like Paul Stastny to Winnipeg and what a stand up guy and captain Blake Wheeler is!

They also discuss the Ryan McDonagh heading to Tampa Bay, FOR A LOT. Did they overpay for the Rangers’ captain? Or will this gamble and blockbuster deal pay off for Stevie Y?

They also discuss Evander Kane heading to the west coast to, thankfully, San Jose. Can the locker room problem fit in with the big personalities in the Bay Area? Can Jumbo Joe lay down the law? Or will there be another tracksuit in the shower?

Finally, the gang discuss Boston’s unfortunate luck with injuries, who won the NHL trade deadline and and answer some questions from Twitter!

And congratulations to Mike Schalin who won the Brock Boeser Canucks jersey with his entry as well as Chels, who won a Canucks jersey shirt of her chosing with her entry!


Listen to this week’s 5 Minutes for Paying for our $5+ Patreon backers. Ryan discusses moving out of the Pucks on net studio and the more colourful aspects of the run down building.


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